Walking in the spirit of the wind each tree tells its story of love. The burden of truth comes around the mist of the unknown that shakes its branches onto the ground.

Inside the mist of the beings of light joy comes to gather among each particle of truth. Along came itself to see itself and the joy of life came upon itself.

Today is this joy of the moment that crosses into the love of the seas. It is here that each moment is the grace of the Lord that comes to bless the eternity of love. 

Each particle of love comes to believe in each moment of truth that has been squandered beneath the hell of the innocent. Along came truth to redeem each sinner that walked among the hidden joys of life that could now see itself in the beauty of the midst.

Here is the place of the beholding and the joy that cometh inside of love is the moment of peace that actualizes itself.

No more of the unrest upon the seas of discontent because love has spoken.

Love speaks and commands its presence in the valley of darkness. One can only see itself inside the mirror of ones soul. At last each moment has been given its grace to reside inside the temple of love. 

Grace will come along side itself and be the beacon of wisdom. Love is pure and the journey is the story of life that has forward inside the mecca of wisdom.

Long lasting peace is now at the side of the love that visits itself within the love of the pure and the bliss of the unloved.

Tomorrow will bless itself within the moments that each joy represents. Each loving member of peace now actuates itself to be the being of grace.

Tomorrow will be the blessing of creation that flows among itself as the sword of learning blesses only the love of the species.

Along came heaven and the walking and the talking came to be among the just and the love came to bless them among themselves. 

Today is the poignant reason that love comes upon itself and the duty of each of us is the frozen delight that has come to bless its eternity among the frostbite of creation.  

Now is the now and creation talks to itself and the blessings come forward to breech the places of the unknowing. Today take your stand and listen to the prayers of the almighty. The longing has stopped and the joy is present to beautify the kingdom of darkness that once was upon the misery of the people.

Today is the celebration of the wisdom that flows towards the place of the joyous and pious return to love. Today we love and pray at the bedside of the unjust to further bring the species to the pinnacle of reason.

Inside their escapes is the reason for the meaningless salvation that has come upon them. No more the misery will be seen upon this planet of love. Today is the day it turns upon itself and be in the reason of love.

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