Winning Against Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are rooted in the matrix of everyone’s life. Shame and guilt are the most dangerous threats to our personal power. They do not destroy our emotions, but instead change our positive emotions into negative ones.

The ones who admit that there is no shame in having shame are the smartest people. The reason we are stuck in shame and guilt prison is that we have not been taught about the truth of shame and guilt. We cannot blame our teachers, parents, president, or inner critic for shame and guilt. We can only blame our culture that does not teach us the truth.

Positive and Negative Energy 

We all know about love energy. Love energy brings joy, intuition, peace, happiness, confidence, and many other positive emotions into our lives. We have so many subsections of love energy. It is important to know you can feel negative energy too, but it is not bad. Negative energies are not bad; shame and guilt energy make them bad.

Shame and guilt energy change your whole mindset. Now, what happens to your computer when a virus gets into it? It hacks your system and messes up everything. Well, our body is also like a computer. We have energy lines within us. So when negative energy comes into play, it changes the way our body responds. That is what shame and guilt do to us.

Shame, Guilt Bond

In the medical field, if you have a virus in your brain, it is called meningitis. If the same virus is in your lungs, it is called pneumonia. You can have 100 different diseases, but you have only one reason: that same virus.

 Shame is in the unconscious mind while guilt is in the conscious mind, but it is the same virus, the same energy but in different words. There is no healthy shame or healthy guilt. There is no such thing as healthy poison.

Shame, Guilt, Energy

Shame or guilt is an energy that comes into us; it does not belong to us. It’s a foreign energy that comes into us and messes up everything around us. Shame, guilt, energy is placed upon humanity to devolve our evolution.

So the first thing you need to do is to keep in mind that shame and guilt are not ours to own. If you shame guilt energy, put it aside and try to talk to it. Another thing to do is to write down your emotions or how you feel.


You need to be best friends with your inner critic. Talk to your inner critic. You can never ever get peace until you become friends with your inner critic. “Self-talking is the beginning of self-healing.” Talk to your inner critic and release shame and guilt. You can’t just turn it off.

We are the most important species in the world because we carry the God gene with us. Appreciate yourself, and say to yourself that you are good. The more you defend yourself, the more you go into shame. Do not defend yourself, you are good. We all come from love. We all come from a dimension of love and light. Everybody calls it differently. Humans are inherently good because of the human condition. The only obstacles you have in your life are shame and guilt energy. Shame and guilt can cause a vicious cycle because it paralyses us emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. It makes us suicidal. You cannot get rid of guilt unless you get rid of the shame that is causing it.


The interesting thing about narcissism is that everyone has a split and the narcissistic victim is a part of us. We all have a narcissistic part of us, but the more we get rid of it, the less active that part becomes. Some narcissists become victims, and they become more messed up because they are in a victim mood. This is all because of shame and guilt.

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