What do you do about shame and guilt?

Our culture does not allow us to know about shame and guilt. It has taught us that shame guilt does not exist, when shame guilt is the root of all our problems. Shame and guilt are energies that come into us. It is placed upon humanity.

Shame guilt has only one defect; it dissolves in detection. It distorts our evolution. It separates us from the spirit. Shame guilt is an energy, not an emotion. It activates our emotions. It turns our positive emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression; it changes our intuition into anxiety; it turns our passion into anger.

Speaking to Oneself

Shame and guilt are the only obstacles to human evolution. How do you defeat your enemy? You learn about it. So, in order to get rid of shame and guilt, you have to know that shame and guilt are your only enemies. Self-talking is the first step of self-healing. Talk to your emotions, talk to your inner critic, and about your depression and anxiety. It will help you to release shame and guilt.

Your inner critic is your best friend. It is the in-charge. Also remember that your inner critic is the shame-guilt producer. Talk to your inner critic and bring it to today’s timeline. Your inner critic is stuck in the 90s when you were 2 or 3 years old and you were bullied by someone. Your inner critic is stuck in the wrong timeline. You just have to talk with it and bring it back to 2022. It will help you to release all the shame and guilt.

Leech of Guilt

Shame, guilt, and energy are like a leech; it sucks the life out of us. Shame and guilt are negative parasitic energies; they feed off our lives. It takes our lives away from us and makes us suicidal. We do not need it. Shame and guilt energy needs us.

It is a negative foreign energy that comes into us from other people through words. Everyone carries shame and guilt, and they dump it on you. All you have to do is repent of this energy and not take it on. Shame Humanity’s guilt It is placed upon us to distort our evolution.

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