Today beckons me to be upon the grace of God as I flow within the framework of love. The stillness of the earth beckons its relentless giving of truth.

Until now the grace of God has flourished among its own kingdom of darkness but atlas the end of the darkness is upon us to bask at least now in the sunlight of our dreams.

No more of the gifts not given. For in the light of truth domination is the giver of the freedom of joy that dances to the rhythm of the stars.

It is now go sunshine into the midst of the unknown. For in thee treasured moments of peace life will begin again. 

It is now spoken within the echo of love to transcend all that is said to be untouchable. The stars dance and the kingdom of love has power over everything within itself.

Long standing grief comes upon us now to be washed away. The particles of desire spring upon each and every one of us as the dust of unrest breezes off of us.

The desires of love and joy take precedent to enable all of us to surrender our grief upon the mighty altar of bliss. The noise that is often heard within each treetop of desire is the candle within the wind that takes itself upon itself to blow out the darkness of evil intent.

The shores of love show us our sins of discontent and we further rise within the kingdom of love. The graciousness of spirit is upon us now and we can merely drink its essence as it flows within our human form.

Much love is now given to all of us as we dance and dance the song of freedom.

Look upon these times as the portrait of love in motion that is not seen or felt by the masses of humanity. The few will seed the earth of ours and from it will blossom to the treetops of wisdom.

Each particle of truth now owns its own creation and the giver of peace and joy and love is merely at our doorstep.

Along came the darkness to be transmuted into the giver of the light. It is in each of us to transmit the darkness into light. The beings of us are now arising to accomplish this task and the mighty of us will be the first.

We are the transformers of the light and we are now called upon to do our job of anointing the presence with our light. 

We will succeed because the universe is ready for our transmission of grace and love and peace that will be adopted by the masses in the time of their own choosing. 

Do not wrestle with the dungeons of the earth. For in the light anointing all those presences will disappear and water of the warmth pour over the ice of darkness.

It is in the bible of love that the turning of the earth is now upon us to be reckoned with and the spirit of truth and love is always at our sides to accomplish the great feats of humanity.

Go into the service of humanity and from it will be the transfixation of the peace upon mankind. Go spread your seeds of love and graciousness and the pity of the world will disappear. 

It is in this anointing of the species that life will change from the darkness to the light. 

You are sent here to spread these light seeds so life of humanity can blossom into its original place. Long lasting love is forever given to those of the light as they come upon each day with the lightning rod of themselves. 

Be the team of light to gather all that is available to disperse upon the kingdom of darkness.

Be healed with the light of love as you graciously send it out to others in the form that you know and adopted from the ancients upon this earth of ours. 

There is a settling of the darkness now into the corner of hiding and each particle of light joins together to embrace all darkness to transmute itself into light. 

The darkness is only light turned within itself and the darkness can also turn itself into light. All is possible because God has made the universe to selfheal upon its own darkness of lies. 

The long-standing grief is just the turning inward of the soul that could not see itself in the bleak night of despair. Only the constraints of grief can hold a soul in its own prison of discontent. 

The grief and the shame hold tight to the inverted love patterns within us. The release of the prison will be when the shame and the greed are no longer given the place of honor to reset within our souls.

All is accomplished easily to free the human from the sacrifice of doom that he has enjoyed and played with for most of eternity.

The tides must change now.

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