The Shame Guilt Uninvited Guests

Lois Hollis knows about tricky shameguilt. Once upon a time they WERE her uninvited guests who refused to leave. They lied. They said she stuttered and could not read because she was stupid. She also needed to do penance and deserved beatings. Lois tried to get rid of the shame guilt intruders, but more came upon her because she did not know how to stop them.  

Defying the bullies, Lois was successful, but they deepened her depression and diseased her body. Her skull was fractured, ribs broken, and her back was bent which caused her breathing problems. Her heart and liver soon became weaken. Lois Never Gave Up. She knew that there was a cure, but she just did not know what it was, yet.  

Lois began to talk to her emotions instead of talking about them to different therapists. Sweetheart, her 12 year old depression said she lived in dark corners. Her head was stuck because of her crooked back. Her 8 year old anger emotion, No name, had his mouth taped to stop his angry words. Daisy, her teenage hatred emotion was the oldest and most sad. She bled from abusive cuts and bruises. King, the teenage inner critic, the almighty terror, imprisoned Sweetheart, silenced No Name, and locked Lois in a painful body. 

Lois and King talked. Lois thanked King for protecting her by hiding all the emotions, but she could protect the emotions without hiding them. King yelled NO. He had control as THE SHAMEGUILT PRODUCER.  

Happy or sad, Lois befriended all her emotional children. They showed her how shameguilt hides and made her emotions scared and abused. If anything was going to change, Lois had to communicate with King, the shameguilt producer. Lois asked King to join her to help the emotions by not stop using shameguilt. King now understood that everyone wants to be loved and free from shameguilt. King with all the emotions kicked shameguilt out. 

Everyone changed. Sweetheart became compassion, Daisy love, and No Name called himself Unstoppable and was passion. King was no longer the shameguilt producer. He helped protect the emotions from, and helped Lois achieve success in her work. Everyone lived happily ever after and NEVER let shameguilt back into their lives.  

©  Lois Hollis

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