Understanding Shame and Guilt

God has given us so many beautiful gifts, and one of the best gifts among those is sensitivity. But somehow, sensitivity is also crucial. Sensitivity connects your heart and your soul. Sensitive people will save humanity. Because sensitive people are critical to the evolution of humanity, enemies will seek them out.

Shame and guilt are energy. It is like a computer virus for you. Now, what happens to your computer when a virus gets into it? Nothing works right. Shame and guilt are energies, and we are like computers. We are all electronic beings; we transport energy. Sensitivity comes from your electricity system. We all know about love energy; it gives us joy, happiness, peace of mind, and self-esteem.

On the other hand, we have negative energy, which is shame and guilt. It changes our emotions. Shame and guilt change our compassion into depression, our passion into anxiety, and our intuition into anger. We are very empathetic; shame and guilt change our emotions.

Shame and guilt energies

Shame and guilt are energies that affect our mind, soul, spirit, and body. We all have depression, anxiety, fear, and anger. We can work on all these emotions. Talk about all of these emotions. When you get to know the shame and guilt energies, you will find out that these energies are not ours to own. They do not belong to us. There is a number designed for all the emotions, like joy, happiness, and peace; that number is one hundred thousand, and the last emotion on the vibratory scale is shame and guilt. It is the worst emotion someone can have. There is nothing lower than shame and guilt. People become suicidal when shame and guilt energy are present.

In medical terms, if you have a virus in your brain, it is meningitis. If the same virus is in your liver, it is hepatitis. It is the same stupid virus, but in a different location. It just confuses us. The same is true in the case of shame and guilt. They are like viruses. These emotions just confuse us. Shame is in the unconscious mind, while guilt is always in the conscious mind.

We don’t understand how shame and guilt can coexist as the same energy. You can never get rid of the guilt until you get rid of the shame that is causing the guilt. If you cannot get rid of guilt, you can also turn it into regret or remorse.

Inner Critic

An inner critic is the strongest thing a human can have. Your inner critic or internal voice helps you heal from a lot of things. Talking to yourself is the first step toward healing. You do not need an inner critic to protect you. You don’t need a shame critic to bring you down. To get rid of shame and guilt, you have to talk to the boss, and the boss here is your inner critic. Your inner critic is your president. These inner critics are in charge. You have to be friends with your inner critic. People who have suffered from trauma are more likely to feel shame and guilt.

You can heal from shame and guilt by talking to your inner critic. The only flaw in shame and guilt is that they disintegrate into detection. Shame and guilt drag you downward. It does not take you anywhere; it just brings you down and down until you become suicidal. Keep complimenting yourself; it has a deep effect on your soul. It will also help you to get rid of shame and guilt energy.

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