Into the spaces of not knowing is the reason for life itself. Untold mysteries abound without the witnessing of itself.

The long time among us is the freedom dance of love. Love flourishes itself as the water comes upon the stream in the hopes of love flowing bountiful inside each moment that sin has attacked.

It is the reason therefore that our duties lie within the cracks of not knowing. For in the scholarly realms of love light takes its place upon the treetops of wisdom.

Here is the journey of each soul that inhabit the earth of yours. It is long lasting as each sin of living has taken its toll among the free people who strive for the justice of all things.

Today I take it upon myself to see the perpetual duties of long-lasting love that has come to visit each soul of lighted beauty.

The love arises within me and circles around and around until it visits me again. The beauty of this mechanism is the life of me that sits in the forest to await the next movement of loving light.

It is now told that it is not long in the making of love that each beautiful of soul that pronounces the magic words of freedom then one must exit the realm of beauty and live in the forsaken wonderness of ego parading each moment of despair. 

Life ceases to exist when the dark clouds of disrespect reign upon the forgotten people of the sinning.

At long last joy is upon the horizon followed by the love of self. 

NO journey is without merit for the rein of everlasting beauty is the God song of love. 

Take these words to your heart dear Lois as you nestle within yourself.  ©   06/03/2022

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