The black sheep and the misunderstood are the ones who create beauty.

Gillian is a seven-year-old girl who cannot sit still in school. She continually gets up, gets distracted, flies with thoughts, and doesn’t follow lessons. Her teachers and parents worry about her because she fails her tests. They punish her, scold her, and reward her the few times that she is attentive. When Gillian comes home, her mother also punishes her. They speak of illness because of an obvious disorder. They want to give her medication.

One day, when Gillian was alone in a school room, she began to dance with her arms high in the air. Luckily a teacher saw her dancing around the room and suggested that she needs dancing lessons.

In 1981, after a career as a dancer, opening her own dance academy and receiving international recognition for her art, Gillian Lynne choreographed the musical “Cats.”  The Gillian Lynne Theatre is located in London.

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