Lois Hollis is a specialist in many things. She is a well-known writer, shame guilt counselor, educator, and filmmaker. Above all, she is a registered nurse. She is the driving force behind many innovations. She experienced   brain traumas, including a broken jaw and many more in her abusive  childhood. She is 79 years old…



Walking in the spirit of the wind each tree tells its story of love. The burden of truth comes around the mist of the unknown that shakes its branches onto the ground. Inside the mist of the beings of light joy comes to gather among each particle of truth. Along came itself to see itself…


Shame Guilt Healing

shame guilt Success Story You’ll Never Believe Lois Hollis, RN BSN REV, shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, shame guilt. Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ life until she learned the dangers of shameguilt (not shame guilt.) She shares her 15 years’ experience as a ShameGuilt…


Love Is Not Artificial.

Love is not artificial. It cannot be made. Love arises from truth and joy.Love rejuvenates. Love brings riches beyond your dreams.However, love will never respond to a lie of self. Life trapped with misunderstandings asks to be held within yourarms of grace. Your truth is the jewel that opens your burdens tosee that all matters…


Steve Jobs the co-founder

 Steve Jobs was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Corporation and died in 2011, aged 56, after losing his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He posted the following observation just prior to his death.The World’s best doctorsSteve Jobs died a billionaire ($10.2b) at age 56. This is his final essay: “I reached the pinnacle of success in the business…


Sleeping Beauty

Let’s compare shame guilt to the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Instead of pricking our finger on a spinning wheel, we get pierced by an abusive incident. The shame guilt poison from the abuse enters us and changes our positive emotions and thoughts to negative ones. Our compassion turns to depression, our passion turns to anger,…


Discipline vs Punishment

Many persons use the words discipline and punishment interchangeably. However, the two are not synonymous. Let me explain. The word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina, meaning “instruction and training”. It is derived from the root word discere, meaning “to learn”. Discipline is a process that enables children to become social, productive and responsible adults who contribute positively to society. Discipline positively contributes to child development.


I’m Good Film (Episode TWO)

The more we know about shame guilt, the wiser we become. Detection of shame guilt tactics is very essential because, otherwise, how can we avoid it? The reason why we are not able to release shame guilt is that we separate these two energies. Shame guilt is an energy that comes into us from other people in form of words. 


I’m Good Film (Episode One)

The inner critic is a part of us too. It is the one who carries shame guilt. Our culture has taught us
and thus we have internalized it to the point that shame guilt energy is within us that was always
in opposition to the inner critic. This is also precise because our inner critic has been trained to
instil shame and guilt in us