I want to first sincerely thank you again for being part of the Reinvent Yourself VII event!! You FREAKING ROCKED!! You inspire me, I’m genuinely grateful to have met, collaborated with you, and also learned from you.


Discipline vs Punishment

Many persons use the words discipline and punishment interchangeably. However, the two are not synonymous. Let me explain. The word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina, meaning “instruction and training”. It is derived from the root word discere, meaning “to learn”. Discipline is a process that enables children to become social, productive and responsible adults who contribute positively to society. Discipline positively contributes to child development.


Enjoy The Win Of Humanity

Today is the beginning of a new venture for all of us as we traverse a new terrain of living. It is widely now believed that the battles of yesterday maybe still be upon us, but we have surfaced with a new resilience