Subconscious Shame and Guilt

Lois Hollis is a well-known shame guilt educator and counselor. She has huge information to share mainly about Shame and Guilt. She has almost 50 years of experience in health of which 15 years of her life are spent in researching and counseling. She helped a lot of people to become mentally emotionally and
psychologically fit. Talking to yourself is the first step toward healing. Self-talking is Self-healing. You
need to recognize you are not only one person, you have many parts within yourself. Most people do not realize the power they have with them. The strength of spirit is so underestimated.

Helping people to get out of Shame Guilt prison

Any negativity, any self-depreciation is shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are not two different things, they are two negative energies. Shame resides in your unconscious mind while guilt resides in your conscious mind. Shame is deeply embedded in the person`s soul so they feel guilty. Shame and guilt are not emotions. You just cannot get rid of guilt. People feel guilt and they do certain good stuff but all of these things will help you for a while to manage your guilt but you just cannot get rid of it. The only way to release guilt is to release shame.

Shame Guilt as a Destructive Force

There is no healthy poison, and so are shame and guilt. Shame Guilt is a bad negative, destructive energy. Shame and Guilt have no good qualities. We become more powerful if we are undergoing negative problems. You need to recognize the shame and guilt words you listen to daily. Remove shame and guilt
from your normal vocabulary and try to use these words for healing.

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