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In the circle of the night comes the daytime to bring joy to the openness of love. The story is full of a masterpiece of duties, but the love will always shine through the darkness.

It is here upon the bounty of grace that one mourns the losses of yesterday but until the one sees the beauty in all creation, one cannot see the joy of eternity.

The love that always hangs freely upon the soul of humanity is the joy of the precipice of joy. No more of the downtrodden love of the species, it is the journey of no man’s land. 

The joy always takes us back to the freedom of the moment. Love is trickling down into the beauty of the horizon and inside of joy is the moment that we wait for.

The tomorrows bring joy to us and yet we long for yesterday. It is in this humanness of beauty that we become human, and all walks of life come together to see the beauty of each moment. 

Long life is afforded one who can witness the beauty of all loves. It is in these treetops of wisdom that love grants one the beauty of life and wisdom.

For the earth plane is just the miracle that sin has disrupted and that the love comes to purify each moment. 

Time is the essence of beauty that marks the wisdom of the ages, and it sinks into the hearts of many. There are many upon each moment but there are only a few that understand its richness. 

In time the beauty of the universe comes to see itself and joy walks beside itself in its own establishment of love.

Today and tomorrow are linked inside themselves, and beauty beholds each particle of love that sin has disrupted.

All is in accordance with the freewill of mankind and each and every part of life comes together. For we in the present of what we can do and bring all presents together in the circle of trust and love, to bring joy into our hearts.

Joy is the captor of wisdom and without joy the soul of humanity does not blossom. Keep your joy so that your long life can be afforded to you. No one can take away your joy, only the hatred of the gone by moments.

Instill the joy of your soul and once again life blossoms for you.

God is eternal and so are you and together you dance the dance of your choosing. Light up the sky with the joy of love and free the deep of the Lord God’s wisdom.

For only hardships can bring the joy back into your life. God has so made our humanness to live in the joy of the moment amidst the pains of the hardships.


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