Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are negative emotions that come into us from other people and turn our positive emotions into negative ones. The only flaw in shame guilt energy is that it dissolves into detection. If you can find it, you can get rid of it.

Shame and guilt are like leeches; they suck the life out of us. Shame and guilt are energy. We all know about the power of love. What does love energy give us? It brings us joy, peace, intuition, happiness, and confidence. On the other hand, we have negative energy that is shame and guilt energy. It is a negative energy that comes into us from other people through words.

Shame and guilt energy come into us and change our emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger. You just need to get rid of shame and guilt and all the negativities in your life will be removed. All your negative emotions will change into positive emotions.

Understanding Shame and Guilt

You can only get rid of guilt when you remove the shame that is causing the guilt. Forgiveness is a very nice thing. It is a good thing, but it cannot help you heal. Shame and guilt are not two separate things; they are the same energy. Shame potentiates guilt, and guilt potentiates shame.

Most people think that shame is bad and guilt is not too bad because it makes us moral. Always remember that there is no such thing as healthy poison. Neither shame nor guilt is good. We have two nervous systems: conscious and unconscious. Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt also works in the unconscious mind.

In medical terminology, if you have a virus in your brain it is called as meningitis, it the virus is in your lungs it is termed as pneumonia, if the same virus lies in your kidney it is called as nephritis. You see it is all about the same virus. This is the same virus but in different location so it is called with the different names. Same is in the case of shame and guilt, it is the same virus but it is in different locations so people call it with different names.

Shame, Guilt, Energy

Shame and guilt are like viruses. What happens to your computer when it gets a virus? It does not function properly and makes a mess. Then, what do you do about this virus? You need a virus removal program, and then your computer will start working normally again. Shame and guilt are also like viruses that come into us and confuse us. We are all electronic beings. When a virus comes into us, it disconnects us from spirit and God. Then we need a virus removal program.

Shame guilt is not yours to own. Never say, “My shame or my guilt,” and never own your shame or guilt. Shame guilt is a leech and all you have to do is to take it off of you.

Each Emotion Has Its Own Number

David Hawkins gave a mathematical number to each emotion. He goes from high to low. Enlightenment has the highest number on its vibratory scale. Then comes love, joy, peace, intuition, and a hundred thousand other things. So, according to his vibratory scale, the last two emotions someone can have are shame and guilt. The worst emotions a human can have and still be alive are shame and guilt.

Shame and guilt are the worst emotions. It is the reason people become suicidal. People are too ashamed to call suicide a hotline. They are not ready to admit that they are suicidal.

Inner Critic 

Your inner critic is your in-charge. Your inner critic is your best friend. Self-talking is the best way to heal. Talk to yourself, talk to your inner personality parts. Talk to your emotions. Make friends with your inner critic. You cannot kick it off. It is a part of us.

All you have to do is bring your inner critic to the present timeline. It is living in the wrong timeline. It is the source of your shame and guilt. The CEO is the inner critic. Your inner critic is stuck in the 90s when you were 2 or 3 years old and someone bullied you or shamed you. You simply need to talk to your inner critic and bring it back to today’s timeline; this will greatly assist you in releasing shame and guilt.

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