Lois Hollis is a specialist in many things. She is a well-known writer, shame guilt counselor, educator, and filmmaker. Above all, she is a registered nurse. She is the driving force behind many innovations. She experienced   brain traumas, including a broken jaw and many more in her abusive  childhood. She is 79 years old and still comes up with new things.

People have to go through many things in order to become successful. Never ever put yourself down. If you have been harmed, do not do it to other people. You are not really sick or depressed until you start to feel that you are sick or depressed.

Solution of shame guilt

Therapy is part of your healing. You can heal yourself. “Self-talking is self-healing”. Shame Guilt are responsible for the negative energies in our lives. You can identify and release the shame guilt to remove the negativities from your life.

Shame is in the unconscious mind while guilt is in the conscious mind. Shame increases guilt and guilt increases shame. They work together to become a powerful negative force. In the medical bracket, if there’s a bacterium in your liver, it is termed hepatitis. If the same bacteria is in the brain, it is meningitis. The same is true in the case of shame guilt. Shame guilt are in different parts of our nervous system, but they are the same energy. When we separate shame guilt it will confuse us. 

Shame Guilt Energy has only one defect. It dissolves in detection. We have to find the shame guilt to get rid of it. They both lie inside our inner personalities, like anger, anxiety, and depression. The inner critic is the internal voice that is always questioning things. Our inner critic is the CEO of our personality. We can negotiate with our inner critic to use love instead of shame guilt.

Never own shame guilt. Turn shame guilt into regret. Regret has solutions. You can do good things for the people you feel you have wronged. The shame guilt energy gives you no solutions. If you are feeling shame guilt, you must change your mindset to regret or any other negative feeling. Talk to a friend or your therapist to change your mindset. 

Releasing Shame Guilt

Shame Guilt is the lowest energy a human can have. It is a dangerous state to be in because it will lower your energy to become a victim. When you release the shame guilt, your energy vibration rises, and you live with a vibrant personality. 

Shame Guilt are not ours to own. It comes into us from the shame guilt words from others and from ourselves. Shame guilt is not normal, but it is common to us. However, they give us no positive effect. 

Talk to yourself. Talk to your depression, anxiety, and anger. Change your mind set by refusing to stay in the thinking of shame guilt. Talk to one of your closest friends and work things out. There is always a solution to everything. You just need to find the right way to work things out. Either it is by talking to yourself or your friend, or by doing good things to the people around you. Lois also offers us her “Light Language Readings” that will counteract the shame guilt mindset and we can get out of the shame guilt hole of not good enough.  ©

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