Shame Guilt in the USA

Lois Hollis is a filmmaker. Shame Guilt educator and counselor. She started as a nurse. She created the first dialysis unit in the country. Lois helped low-esteem teens and hopeless adults. She had many near-death experiences. She always wanted to go into the helping field and then she decided to heal the people out there dealing with depression.

What is Shame Guilt?

Shame is the sickness of the soul. Shame guilt is negative energy that fades all the positive energies from our life. Like Depression would result from compassion, your passion can also be converted into anger, and anxiety can emerge from intuition.

Guilt is in your conscious mind whereas shame is in the subconscious. Shame Guilt is the negative energy that comes into your life like a computer virus. As it comes into your life it disturbs your emotion and takes the calmness of your soul and body as well. Like a virus on the computer, we need shame and guilt removal.

How to overcome inner critic?

The first thing is your internal voice should be your friend. If there is any disturbance of any kind like physical, emotional, or psychological we need to heal it we just cannot get rid of it. Self-talking is the key to self-healing. Be more productive by talking to your inner critic, try to talk to your anxiety your fear, or
whatever it is. You just cannot get rid of your emotions you need to deal with them to make yourself stronger.

You do not need to manage your depression you need to get rid of your depression. You need to go into the root of the problem to get rid of it. The first figure out the problem then you can fix it. You have to dig deep to find the inner critic you need to heal. You just need to keep digging whenever you face any
challenge. Depression, anxiety, and inner criticism give up if you do not talk to them and then you got Alzheimer`s out.

What got Lois in making Film

In the last part, she is trying to convey most people do not see what she is seeing so she decided to make a film to convey her messages more efficiently. She makes shame and guilt visible and tried to teach people about them and how to deal with them. She is confident that we can do what we want to do. If you do not know what shame and guilt are so cannot resist them. To get rid of it first try to understand what shame and guilt are. Fear stops us from doing the things that matter a lot to us even it stops us from opening up to others.

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