Shame, Guilt Examined

Shame is the feeling of being not good enough. Everyone has this feeling and it collapses us. Guilt makes you feel you are not good enough because you did something wrong or bad to someone. Shame Guilt and guilt are energy. Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt remains in the conscious mind.

Shame guilt are the same energy. They mess up your brain. If you have a virus in your brain, it is termed meningitis. If the same virus is in your kidney, it is called nephritis. If the same virus is in your stomach, it is called gastroenteritis. It is all about the same virus but in different locations. The same virus but in different locations, so people call it by different names.

Positive and Negative Energy

We all know about the power of love. We know how it feels. It gives us joy, peace, happiness, intuition, and confidence. It brings so many positive emotions into our lives. On the other hand, we have shame and guilt energy, which is negative energy. It is not an emotion, but it activates our emotions.

Shame guilt is negative energy that comes into us and turns our positive emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression; it changes our intuition into anxiety; it turns our passion into anger. It turns our positive emotions into negative ones. Shame Guilt are the root causes of all the negativities in our lives.

Shame, Guilt Virus

Shame or guilt is not an emotion; it is a virus. It is a foreign energy that comes into us from other people through words. Everyone needs to know that shame guilt are not ours to own. It is a virus and negative energy that comes into us. It is placed upon humanity and it distorts human evolution. It dissolves on detection. Shame guilt make you suicidal. It is like a leech and it sucks life out of us.

The first thing you need to understand is that if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, it is not your fault. It is not the fault of your mother, teacher, father, or president; it is not the fault of anyone. It is only the fault of shame guilt that is causing this depression and negativity.

Releasing Shame Guilt

Releasing shame guilt is what you require for healing. Everyone needs a friend to talk to. You need to understand that shame and guilt are not ours to own. The first thing you need to do is to talk about your emotions. Talk to your depression, anxiety, and anger. You need to talk to your inner personality parts. The inner critic is a part of us. You cannot cut it off or throw it away. The inner critic will help us to release the shame and guilt we have been carrying for years and years.

Our inner critic is our best friend. The inner critic is in-charge. The CEO is the inner critic. You need to become friends with your inner critic. Talk to your inner personality part. Your inner critic is your shame guilt producer. Only your inner critic will help you release shame and guilt energy. Your inner critic is stuck in the 90s when you were 3 or 4 years old and someone bullied you or shamed you. Your inner critic is stuck in the wrong timeline. The only thing you need to know is that you need to talk with your inner critic and bring it back to today’s timeline. Then you will get rid of shame-guilt energy.

If someone ever bullies you or shames you, just say it was interesting to hear. Because you do not need this energy. If you have this feeling, you can repent shame guilt destructive energy. Never let shame or guilt be your normal vocabulary. Never own your shame or guilt. Never say “my shame or my guilt.”

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