Each Shame Guilt Encounter Stays Within Us Until We Release It.

As a result, the shame guilt that has accumulated within us makes our negative emotions more and more intense and dangerous. Psychology has given the shame guilt accumulation different intense emotional names.

The shame guilt energy has a cumulative property that often incites an unresolved trauma of the past to resurface unexpectedly. It accumulates within us and supplies the energy force needed to intensify an unexpected negative reaction. It will turn a simple dispute into a volatile negative reaction. The intensity of a negative reaction depends on the quantity of our repression: the greater the amount of repression, the greater the amount of energy available to intensify the negative state. 

A small quantity of shame guilt repression will most likely keep us in a low intensity of hurtful feelings, whereas a large accumulation can trigger us into an explosive confrontation. The accumulation depends on the type of incident and the sensitivity of the person. We acquire more in a public event than in a private encounter. Continual abuse and the witnessing of a horrific crime can often seed a legacy of shame guilt, and any person with a sensitive nature will take on more shame guilt regardless of the encounter.  


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