Shame and Guilt Affecting Weight

There are two problems that we have; shame is bad and guilt is good. Our culture has taught us that we need guilt to be moral. Remember that there is no such thing as healthy poison. These are the same energies that make us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually ill.

We all have love energy; it brings so many positive emotions into our lives. It gives us joy, peace, happiness, and confidence. The same as shame and guilt energy. Shame and guilt energy bring us negativity. It turns our positive emotions into negative ones. It changes our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger. It brings us hatred and anger. There is no good shame and no good guilt.

Shame is in the unconscious mind while guilt works in the conscious mind. Shame tells you that you are not good. Guilt makes you feel you are not good because you did something bad.

Shame Guilt is a Virus

If you have bacteria in your brain, it is called meningitis. If the same bacteria is in the liver, it is hepatitis. If you have bacteria in your gall bladder, it is colitis. The same is true in the case of shame and guilt. They are the same energy but in different locations. Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt is in the conscious mind, so this is the reason people call it by different names.

Positive and Negative Orientation of Emotions

Each emotion has a positive and a negative emotion. Shame and guilt are the reasons why our positive emotions turn negative. Depression is the negative component of compassion. Anxiety and intuition are the same thing. We all have intuition, but shame and guilt turn it around and change it into anxiety. Anger, hatred, anxiety, these are all byproducts of shame and guilt.

Understanding Shame and Guilt

Another example: if you are injured,We all have that feeling of being hurt. So you get more shame and guilt and you become anxious. If you get more shame and guilt, you gain hatred. If you get more shame and guilt, you get anger. It is all about how much shame and guilt you have.

Shame and guilt are the most dangerous emotions, and we are taught that they do not exist. If you do not know your enemy, how can you defeat it? It is not your fault; it is the fault of your mother, father, or teacher. It is the fault of the shame and guilt you are carrying. If something bad has happened to you, you need to learn how to get rid of it.

Shame and Guilt have an impact on our eating habits.

We all have an inner critic; it’s a part of us. It makes you feel that you are not good enough. We get this feeling from different people. We start destroying ourselves by thinking that we are not good enough. You start to think, “I am not going to eat food because it will nourish my body and make me feel better, but I am not good enough. Our inner critic tells us that we are not good enough. So our appetite is depressed.

Our inner critic is the one in-charge of ourselves. Talk to your inner critic. It will help you deal with the shame and guilt energy. It will help you get rid of shame and guilt. Your inner critic is stuck in the 1950s when someone bullied you, so you have to become friends with it and bring it back to 2022. Talk to your inner personality parts and appreciate yourself. Shame and guilt change the frequency of our emotions.

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