Riding Parent Shame and Guilt

We all have struggles, fighting with shame and guilt. It is not the fault of parents, grandkids, teachers, or any inner persists. Not because, you are not good enough. It is because our culture has defined it as we have to stay with shame and guilt prison.

The truth about shame and guilt is that they are not separate. Shame is located in the unconscious mind and guilt is in always located in the conscious mind. The only thing we compare is, if there is a bacteria in the brain it is called as meningitis. If the same bacteria is in the liver, it is termed as hepatitis. This is how our culture work.  If the disease is in the different place or different organ, it is named differently.

Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are dangerous for our emotional as well as physical health. Think of a dark black cloud of smoke that comes onto you, it makes you feel that you are like drowning.

Shame guilt is the energy that comes into us, same as love energy. What love energy does to us? It brings us joy and peace and happiness. Same is the shame and guilt energy, it brings us depression and anxiety and fear of not being good enough.

Shame Guilt as an external Energy

Shame guilt is an external energy, it means that it comes from outside. It is not ours to own. It does not belongs to humanity. You can get rid of anything that is not from us. Shame and guilt energy distorts our energy and it distorts our nervous system. When the nervous system is not working right it gives wrong signal to the body and other organs and we get disease.

Do not deny emotions deny shame and guilt energy. It is ok to have depression, to have anxiety, but it is not ok to have shame and guilt energy that makes you suicidal.

Parent Shame and Guilt

Parents get more shame and guilt than a normal person gets. We are here to evolve. When a person has children, they are put on evolutionary track. All the experience of their lives come forward because they are identifying with their children. Having children gives us wider focus, they are more likely to tend on the path of evolutionary track of emotional health quicker. Parenting give you the opportunity to be a greater person. Releasing shame and guilt makes us higher persons, it makes us more spiritual, enlightened person.

We are beautiful human beings that why we are chosen to become parents. So just get rid of shame and guilt and say I am good .

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