Release ShameGuilt for 2021

We all know about the love energy that comes into us. Love energy brings us joy, peace, happiness, confidence, intuition. It makes us feel happy and full of life. Then, on the other hand, we have another energy, which is shame and guilt. Shame Guilt is an energy that comes into us like a computer virus.

What happens to your computer when it gets a virus? It malfunctions and messes up everything. Similarly, shame and guilt are like computer viruses; they infiltrate our systems and cause havoc. It confuses us. Shame or guilt is an energy that comes into us. It is not an emotion. It activates our emotions. It turns our compassion into depression. It turns our intuition into anxiety and our passion into anger. It turns all of our positive emotions into negative emotions. Shame Guilt energy hits us spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Shame Guilt Energy

Shame and guilt are energies that come into us. Shame guilt is fueling anger, depression, anxiety, and hatred. Shame and guilt are like computer viruses in that they do not belong to us. The culture has taught us to shame ourselves. Never own your shame and guilt. Never say “my shame” or “my guilt,” because in this way you are owning your shame and guilt. Remove shame and guilt from your normal vocabulary. You cannot blame your mother, teacher, father, or anyone else if you are feeling depressed. You can only blame the shame and guilt energy that is causing all this.

Shame and guilt are outside forces that disrupt our lives. Change your mindset and keep in mind that it does not belong to us. Shame Guilt has only one flaw: it disintegrates upon detection. It distorts our evolution.

Getting Rid of Shame and Guilt

The first step is acknowledgement. Once you know who your enemy is, you will be able to defeat it. You need to know that shame and guilt are our enemies. You have to find it to get rid of it. Humanity is evolving. If you have depression, anxiety, or anger, talk to them. Talk to your inner personality parts.

Our inner critic is our best friend. Talk to your inner critic. It will help you to release shame and guilt. The inner critic is in-charge. The inner critic is the shame-guilt producer. Your inner critic is stuck somewhere in the 1950s when you were 2 or 3 years old and someone bullied you or shamed you. You just have to talk to your inner critic and bring it back to 2022. It will help you to release all the shame and guilt. Remember that self-talking is the initial step of self-healing. Talk to your emotions.

You cannot get rid of shame and guilt unless you become friends with your inner critic. Your inner critic will help you to get rid of shame and guilt. Your inner critic is your protector.

Shame Guilt Virus

Shame and guilt are not two different things; they are the same energy. In medical terminology, if you have a bacteria or infection in your brain, it is termed meningitis. If you have the same virus in your stomach, it is called gastroenteritis. If that same bacteria is in your kidney, it is called nephritis. So, it is the same bacteria, but because it is in different locations, we call it by different names. The same is in the case of your shame and guilt. It is the same bacteria, but because it is in a different location, we call it by different names. Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt is in the conscious mind, but they are the same virus in different locations. Most people think shame is bad and guilt is good. Guilt makes us moral. Remember that there is no such thing as healthy poison. Shame and guilt are poisons, and neither of them is good for us.

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