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Love Is Not Artificial.

December 27, 2022/

Love is not artificial. It cannot be made. Love arises from truth and joy.Love rejuvenates. Love brings riches beyond your…

Steve Jobs the co-founder

December 22, 2022/

 Steve Jobs was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Corporation and died in 2011, aged 56, after losing his battle with…

Sleeping Beauty

December 7, 2022/

Let’s compare shame guilt to the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Instead of pricking our finger on a spinning wheel, we…


November 18, 2022/

I want to first sincerely thank you again for being part of the Reinvent Yourself VII event!! You FREAKING ROCKED!! You…

A Shaming Experience.

July 4, 2022/

Johnny wanted to keep his prized baseball card collection when making the family move. However, his parents wanted...


June 6, 2022/

Into the spaces of not knowing is the reason for life itself. Untold mysteries abound without the witnessing of itself.

Spirit Writing

May 9, 2022/

In the circle of the night comes the daytime to bring joy to the openness of love. The story is…

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