Overcoming Shame Guilt

Shame Guilt is at the core of all of your emotional struggles. The main problem is that our culture, no matter in which country you live, has taught us the wrong definition of shame and guilt. Therefore, we are always blindsided by its presence.

Shame and guilt are connected; they are not separate. Most people think that shame is bad and guilt is good. Guilt makes us moral. Shame works in the unconscious mind and guilt remains in the conscious mind. They are both energy. You cannot get rid of guilt until you remove the shame that is causing it.

Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt keep us in denial. We are in a total spiral. Some people think that shame and guilt are essential for society as they make us moral. Shame and guilt are not emotions; they activate our negativity. Shame and guilt are like a black cloud that covers them, and when you have serious negativity, anxiety, depression, anger, try to isolate shame and guilt away from yourself. Work on your depression and anxiety, but do not work on shame and guilt, because as you think about shame and guilt, you will only go down a never-ending hole of I am not good enough.

Shame, Guilt, and Physical Problems

Shame and guilt are the same energy; they are not separate. We all know about love energy. It brings us joy, peace, happiness, confidence, intuition. On the other hand, we have shame and guilt energy. It changes all of your positive emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger. It brings us negativity, and this negativity disrupts our nervous system, so we have different energies coming into us that activate our own organs, which is why it is the beginning of different diseases.

If there’s a virus on your computer, what happens to it? It does not operate correctly. So understand shame and guilt as a negative energy or a virus that attacks us and our organs do not work or operate correctly and we start to have different diseases.

Healthy and unhealthy Shame and Guilt:

There is no such thing as healthy poison. Shame is not healthy, nor is guilt healthy. There is no healthy shame or healthy guilt. These are negative energies. They are both dangerous for humanity. Having shame or having guilt does not make you a better person. We cannot blame anyone, not your mother, teacher, father, anyone. We can only blame shame and guilt for all the negativity.

We need to throw away shame and guilt rather than think about how to be happy. You cannot do well until you remove shame and guilt.

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