Overcome shame and guilt-inducing behavior 

Shame and guilt harm us physically, mentally, and emotionally, and block us spiritually. Our ignorance gives them power over us. Changing our shame and guilt solves a lot of our mental health problems.

Everybody that is human carries shame, guilt, and energy. The noticeable thing here is that it is not shame and guilt. They are not different. It is shame and guilt. It is one phrase.

We all know about the power of love. It brings us joy, peace, happiness, and confidence. We become more confident, empathetic, and happy. On the other hand, we have shame and guilt energy. That is negative energy. It causes us depression, anxiety, fear of not being good enough, being doubtful about yourself, eating disorders, bulimia.

Effects of Shame and Guilty Energy

Mental illnesses are caused by the energy of shame and guilt. If you get rid of shame and guilt, you can get over all the other mental problems. Once you are able to release shame and guilt energy, all of your negative emotions will automatically turn positive.

Shame Guilt energy is like a computer virus that comes into us. We are all electronic beings, and shame and guilt are like viruses. When they come into us, they make a huge mess, and we are not able to think or work properly. What do you do when a virus comes into your computer? You need a virus removal program. So all you need is a shame and guilt removal program.

Why should people focus on shame and guilt?

People need to focus on their shame and guilt energy because they are the root cause of every problem. If there is leakage on the roof of your house, you clean the kitchen and bedroom again and again. Isn’t it better to simply fix the whole or k leakage point on the roof that is causing the leakage?

It is better to get rid of shame and guilt than to get therapy for anxiety and depression and all the other mental illnesses. Because shame and guilt are the root cause of all the problems, you need to focus on shame and guilt energy first.

Shame and Guilt as a Source of Energy

Shame and guilt are emotions that turn our positive energy into negative energy. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety. Our positive emotions become negative ones. The only thing humans need to know is that shame and guilt energy does not belong to us; it is not ours to own. Love energy belongs to us. It serves us no purpose.

There is a number for each emotion. We have love, joy, and happiness. All of these are a hundred thousand on the vibratory scale. Then we have shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are the worst emotions someone can have. The last emotion vibratory scale is shame and guilt energy.


If you have guilt, turn it into regret or remorse. Guilt is the worst thing you can have and still be alive. Guilt will not lead you anywhere, but you can release guilt through remorse. Do good things for the people around you, not because you are feeling guilty. Guilt is like a prison; it will only drag you down. Just get out of it, say I regret but not I am guilty.

You cannot blame your father or mother, your teacher, or your inner critic. You can only blame shame guilt for your current mental state. We all have shame and guilt and we just take it out on other people. If you do not want to have shame and guilt, do not put it on other people.

How can you fight with an enemy if you do not know who your enemy is? Never say “my shame” or “my guilt. Because in this way, you are owning shame and guilt. Never ever own shame and guilt.

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