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I was overjoyed when I discovered Dr. David Hawkins famous Map of Consciousness. He proved why and how the shame guilt state is the most dangerous state for humanity. You can learn more about Dr. David Hawkins

How To Get Out Of Shame And Guilt.

The state of shame guilt is the most dangerous because it gives you NO solutions. You are stuck in the hole of ‘not good enough.’

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SAY NO to the shame guilt

Each of us feels shame and guilt. They both make us feel empty, not good enough, bad, powerless, etc. The shame guilt state causes ALL negative emotions. Mental illnesses are caused by shame and guilt.

Did you know that shame and guilt are our lowest energy state? The shame guilt state keeps us stuck in a victim position. The shame guilt state gives NO solutions because we feel not good enough to find a way out of our faults.

The shame guilt state is not NORMAL for humanity, even though we battle with it. However, the shame guilt state is COMMON. It devours our dreams, emotions, health, and spiritual connections.

In order to find solutions to our negative emotions and fulfill our dreams, we must break out of the harmful shame guilt state. Feeling anxiety, anger, grief, etc. is healthier than to collapse into the dungeon of shame guilt. The longer we stay in the shame guilt state, the more our mental and emotional health fails.

The shame guilt state is the most dangerous state for humanity.

We can say NO to the shame guilt and proceed to make friends with our inner critic. YES, we can partner with our inner critic and with our new knowledge he/she decides not to use the shame guilt state anymore. Both you and your inner critic communicate with love and support.

When we say NO to the shame guilt state, it can no longer steal our power.

We will reclaim our emotional power and health.

We will live our stellar lives.

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