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How to detect Shame Guilt?

The more we know about shame guilt, the wiser we become. Detection of shame guilt tactics is very essential because, otherwise, how can we avoid it? The reason why we are not able to release shame guilt is that we separate these two energies. Shame guilt is an energy that comes into us from other people in form of words. 

Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt is in the conscious mind. There is a misconception that shame is bad and guilt is good. People think that guilt makes us moral. Always remember that there is no such thing as healthy poison. You cannot get rid of guilt until you release the shame that is causing the guilt. The secret is that shame has one flaw. It dissolves on detection. We need to unravel the shame-guilt secret.

Forms of Shame Guilt

Abuse is the most prevalent form of shame and guilt. The most controlling behavior is abuse. Physical abuse, beatings, emotional abuse, and procrastination are signs of shame and guilt abuse. Belittling: in order for someone to feel better, people make you feel less than. Begging is the way we abuse ourselves with shame and guilt. We beg from others, which makes us feel ashamed, guilty, and victimized. We feel good enough to accomplish our goals. Sarcasm is the tone that is used for words that are specifically shameful, but our tone states a depreciative attitude. It is the tone of voice that says it all. Passive-aggressive behavior; happens because we are not able to tell people the truth about how we are feeling. Another form of passive aggression is that we know something is bad for us but we keep doing that act. Bullying is very prevalent. Like you did something wrong, or you did not complete the assigned work, you should have done it more properly.

Denial is the way we shame ourselves and tell ourselves that we are good enough or smart enough to handle our own situations. Denial is a form of escape. Denial can be used for situations we are not intellectually or emotionally able to handle. Like the death of a dear one, we cannot face the situation. Long-term denial is self-abuse. Emotional neglect is very common in our lives. It is very common and prevalent among families. Emotional neglect can happen when you are not allowed to express your emotions. “I am very sad because my friend’s cat died and you said I have no time,” your daughter said when she got home from school. I have to do cooking. Go do your homework. This is the point where you neglect the emotions of your child. You can also say, “It was very sad to hear.” We can talk about it later. I need to do some work. In this way, you can protect your child from emotional neglect.

Shame Guilt projected on you.

Once you know the shame and guilt that is projected, you can get rid of it. When you see it after you have taken it on, you can release it. Most of us are not able to avoid shame and guilt behavior. When we recognize the shame guilt behavior that we have attained throughout our lifetime, we can release it. Shame guilt has won over us because it lives in secrecy. Shame guilt are just energy, and when we see it, it dissolves. We do not have to live with shame guilt. We do not have to live in fear.

Fear is a double dose of shame and guilt. Fear is actually shame that has multiplied inside and locked within us and feels unescapable. However, we know shame guilt dissolve in detection. Shame guilt is in the form of layers. Fear puts our minds in a state of confusion and it actually comes from shame and guilt energy.

Fear is:

  • Anxiety
  • Horror
  • Fright
  • Panic

All of these are negative emotions. Fear leads us into dangerous emotions like suicide, guilt, and self-abuse. Without shame or guilt energy, we have a feeling of confidence, joy, and happiness. Guilt is also sourced from shame and guilt energy and it keeps us confused. Always use clarity, not guilt, to make a proper decision. In order to get over this energy, change the word “guilt” into “regret” or “remorse. Regret and remorse can help you heal. It can help in the process of apology and reform.

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