I’m Good Film (Episode One)

Your inner critic is your best friend.

The inner critic is a part of us too. It is the one who carries shame guilt. Our culture has taught us
and thus we have internalized it to the point that shame guilt energy is within us that was always
in opposition to the inner critic. This is also precise because our inner critic has been trained to
instil shame and guilt in us

What is Shame Guilt?

As we all know, there is beautiful love energy. How does it make us feel? We feel happy, joyful,
compassionate, confident, and vibrant because of love energy. We feel pleased because of the
love energy. Then there is another energy that comes to us. It is called “shame, guilt energy. It is
not an emotion; it activates our emotions. When this energy comes into us, it changes our
positive energies into negative energies.
It turns our compassion into depression, it turns love into fear, it turns intuition into anxiety, and
it turns our passion into anxiety. So basically, it is not your fault that you have anxiety, anger, or
depression. Only shame guilt energy are responsible for this mess. Shame Guilt energy is the
only obstacles.

Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt works in the conscious mind. They are not
separate. They are joined together. Guilt is conscious shame and shame is unconscious guilt, but
together they are the same negative, destructive energy. We have named them differently
because they affect different parts of our nervous system. We receive shame and guilt energy
from other people and also from ourselves. In-fact we pass this energy onto each other. If shame
or guilt is an energy that comes into us from other people, if it comes from outside, we can get
rid of it.

Realizing Shame Guilt Energy

Shame Guilt is a demonic energy that uses our lives to sustain itself, which proves that we do not
need this energy. Shame guilt energy requires our assistance. Shame Guilt energy can be
compared to a computer virus. When a virus attacks our computer, all the parts of the computer
become dis-functional. The same is with shame and guilt energy. It affects every part of us. It is
a disruptive energy to our inner organs and meridian lines. It also turns our positive emotions
into negative ones. Shame Guilt energy also distort our thinking. We become confused and feel
like we are sinking in a hole of being not good enough. Shame and guilt energy distort our
spiritual connection with the moral and religious aspects of our personality.
Humanity does not need shame guilt. Shame guilt has no way to hide when we get to know that
shame guilt exists because our culture has taught us that shame guilt does not even exist. We do
not need this energy. Shame Guilt is used everywhere. It does not make it normal. It is common
but not normal. How can negative energy that makes you a victim be normal? Shame guilt makes
us feel we are not good enough. All negative emotions are because of shame guilt.
Inner Critic

The inner critic is the receptor of shame and guilt energy. The inner critic is actually our
protector. The inner critic is also the shame-guilt producer. It instils shame and guilt in us as we
need it. There is a solution. We have become friends with our emotions even though we do not
like depression or anxiety. We need to understand that there is a positive and negative orientation
to our emotions. After we have learnt that our negative emotions can turn back into positive by
releasing shame and guilt, we can give the same offer to our inner critic. We cannot tell our inner
critic what to do.

The inner critic is the in-charge. We cannot tell any of our emotions what to do. We can only
give solutions. Until you can partner with the inner critic, they are in control. Telling the inner
critic to be quiet only makes it stronger. Our inner critic is endeavor to keep us safe. However,
when we become friends with our inner critic, it changes its job. You need to tell your inner
critic that I am grown up and you do not need to micromanage me. I can make my own decision.
I know shame and guilt behaviour and how to avoid it. Then your inner critic will be helpful to
you instead of micromanaging you.

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