My email signature carries the words from Steve Jobs.

“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

I was dying at 55 and today at 79, I rollerblade with my grandson because I learned about dangerous shameguilt. Through my health journey, I was able to redefine shame and guilt into ShameGuilt. This simple but profound adjustment focuses our mind on the ShameGuilt rather than debating what are the differences between shame and guilt. 

Once I learned how to identify, release, and avoid shameguilt behaviors, I healed from severe childhood abuse. Others, especially parents, sought me to help them to live a more satisfied and successful life both in their professional and private lives. Each person that came to me had a positive outcome.

I came to learn and thus taught others how to make friends with their inner critic and how not take on the shameguilt from culture, government, business propaganda, religions, etc. 

With this NEW understanding each person was able to release themselves from the shameguilt victimhood prison. We are blessed beautiful humans, but the shameguilt placed upon us keeps us stuck in the “I’m not good enough lie.”

In 2005 I created a NEW study that details the characteristics of shameguilt. I am a shameguilt educator, counselor, filmmaker, author, and podcast guest sharing New knowledge that changes our mindset of dangerous and fake shameguilt to empowerment.

In 18 months I have been interviewed in 17 countries to liberate others from the prison and victimhood of the use of shameguilt. I produce films to show the trickery of shameguilt and how we can avoid it to live fulfilling lives.

My mission is to bring humanity into its genius. We are all enlightened beings, but the presence of shameguilt teaches us that we are not good enough.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, the shameguilt energy is the lowest energy that a living human can possess. There is no emotional energy lower than the shameguilt energy. I teach with great passion to all countries the importance of not being stuck in the shameguilt feelings. Shameguilt keeps us stuck in a no win because it tells us that we are not good enough to find a solution to our problems.

I offer the option of exchanging the guilt and shame for the anger or regret emotion. They may not be the best emotions but a different negative emotion with a higher energy will take us out of the shameguilt feelings. At least regret gives you the opportunity to have a positive behavior to counteract the negativity of shame and guilt. 

The shame guilt trip trap gives us NO solutions.

I empower all humanity to live in the freedom of themselves. I teach the dangers of shameguilt and how to kick it out of our lives. The world will change when people have personal power and help others to achieve it themselves.

My life is dedicated to dispersing the NEW shameguilt information to free humanity from the prison of  ‘ not good enough.’ All humans are affected by the shameguilt because it produces all negative emotions.  All my best Lois 

Please visit: https://www.loishollis.com/podcasts-loishollis/


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