Experiencing Shame Guilt

Shame and guilt are the same energy; one works in the unconscious mind while the other in the conscious mind. Shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt remains in the conscious mind. They are the same nickel. There is no such thing as healthy poison. Neither shame is good, nor is guilt. They are the same energy but in different places. That is the reason we have difficulty healing — we separate shame and guilt.

If you have a bacteria in your brain, it is called meningitis. If the same bacteria is in your stomach, it is called gastritis. If there is a bacteria in your gall bladder, it is termed as colitis. The same is true in the case of shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are the same bacteria, but they are in different locations, so we call it by two different names.

Positive and Negative Energy

We all know about love energy. It brings us peace, joy, happiness, confidence, intuition. Love energy brings so many positive things into your life. We also have shame and guilt energy. It is a negative energy. It comes into us. Shame and guilt are negative emotions that come into us from other people. It is placed upon humanity and it knocks you out.

What will happen to your computer if it gets a virus? It does not work and messes up everything. That’s how shame and guilt work. Shame and guilt are the same virus. It comes into us and confuses us. When your computer gets a virus, you need a virus removal program. So you need a shame virus removal program to get rid of it. Like a computer virus, it turns your positive, joyful emotions into negative ones. It changes our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger. If you get rid of shame and guilt, all your negative emotions will change into positive ones.

Getting rid of shame and guilt

If you have a hole in your roof and it rains. You have water in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the bathroom, and you have to clean it up. Wouldn’t it be easier to fix the hole in the roof instead of cleaning it again and again? So it is better to get rid of shame and guilt than to get therapy for shame, anxiety or depression. Once you release shame and guilt, your negative emotions will automatically change to positive ones and your depression and anxiety will be gone.

You can get rid of your shame and guilt by talking to yourself. Talk to yourself, talk to your depression and anxiety and you will start healing. It will help you to release all the shame and guilt.

Convert your guilt into regret.

If you are feeling guilty, you can change your guilt into regret or remorse. It is much better than feeling guilty. Turn your guilt into regret or remorse. You can feel regret, but not guilty. Guilt has no solution. You can only get rid of guilt until you release the shame that is causing it. That’s how these two energies work together. If you cannot get rid of shame and guilt, call any of your friends and talk to them about it. It will also help to release shame and guilt.

Shame is like a bag-pack. It is not ours to own. It is foreign energy that comes into us from other people. Everyone is carrying shame and guilt. Shame guilt is like a huge black cloud that covers us. Shame and guilt are like leeches; they suck the life out of us and make us feel that we are not good enough.

Inner Critic

Our inner critic is our in-charge. Our inner critic is our best friend. Our inner critic is our protector. Talk to your inner critic and become friends with your inner critic. Your inner critic was stuck when you were 2 or 3 years old and someone bullied you or shamed you. So all you have to do is talk to your inner critic and bring it back to 2022. Your inner critic will help you to release shame and guilt that you have been carrying for 40 years. You cannot shut your inner critic up.

Shame Guilt energy has only one defect; it dissolves into detection. It distorts our evolution. Shame and guilt knock you out and drag you down. It serves us nothing. It has nothing to give us; it will take you nowhere.

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