Detecting Shame and Guilt

You will be able to remove shame and guilt from your life once you understand that they do not belong to us. Shame Guilt is the same energy. Shame remains in the unconscious mind and guilt is in the conscious mind, but they are both the same energy. People think that shame is bad and guilt is good. Remember that there is no healthy poison. Shame and guilt are negative energies. They produce each other; shame produces more guilt, and guilt produces more shame. They affect us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Shame and guilt are negative emotions that are placed upon humanity, and they come in the form of words that we say to other people and the words we say to ourselves. It is in our culture. In fact, shame and guilt are in everything. Shame guilt has only one defect; it dissolves in detection.

Shame, Guilt, Energy

Fear is a double-dose of shame and guilt energy. Fear is locked in shame and guilt energy. Shame or guilt is an energy, not an emotion. We have love energy. We all know about love energy. It gives us joy, peace, happiness, confidence, and intuition. It makes us feel we can do anything. On the other hand, we have shame and guilt energy. Shame guilt energy transforms our positive emotions into negatives .Each emotion has a negative and a positive orientation. Shame, guilt energy comes into us through words. It is like a leech coming into us and sucking the goodness out of us.

What happens to your computer if it gets a virus? It malfunctions and messes everything up. In that case, we need a virus removal program. Shame guilt is also like that computer virus; it comes into us from other people and creates a huge mess. It turns our emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger. Like a virus, it has the tendency to spread into other people or things. So, it transfers from one person to another through words.

Getting Rid of Shame and Guilt

You can get rid of shame energy by acknowledging that shame energy does not belong to us. It is a foreign energy that comes into us from other people. Shame and guilt energy dissolves in detection; it sucks the life out of us. But meditation can help you deal with shame and guilt. You cannot get rid of it.

We are taught by our culture that we need shame and guilt to be moral. We need guilt to be moral. It is not correct. There is no such thing as a healthy poison. Shame is bad, guilt is bad. We need to change our mindset. Shame and guilt are bad, and do not take it from the other people who are throwing it at you. Instead, you can feel regret or remorse for something that you have done.

Emotional energy numbers

David Hawkins gave an energy number to each emotion. The highest one is enlightenment, then joy and love, happiness and all. The last ones on this scale, called the vibratory scale, are shame and guilt. It is the worst emotion someone can have and still be alive. There is nothing after shame and guilt. There is only one thing after these emotions, which is suicide. Shame and guilt are the reasons why people become suicidal.

Getting Shame and Guilt from Others

Shame and guilt come from both outside and within ourselves. We can make friends with our inner critic. You can’t ignore your inner critic. Talk to your inner critic. Your inner critic is your in-charge. Sometimes shame and guilt come from the inside, because your inner critic is stuck with the 10 year old girl or boy. You have to bring it back from the 1950s to 2022, and the only way to do so is to talk to your inner personalities.

Owning Shame and Guilt

Never say my shame or my guilt. In this way, you are owning your shame and guilt. Remove shame and guilt from your normal vocabulary. Shame guilt is not ours to own; it does not belong to us. It is placed upon humanity; it is a foreign energy. It serves us nothing. It gets us nowhere and only keeps us dragging. 

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